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What Is Cancer Insurance?
Cancer insurance is a type of supplemental health insurance that’s meant to mitigate the extensive costs of cancer treatment. It is purchased in addition to your regular health insurance policy rather than instead of it, and it’s sometimes offered in a bundle of critical illness insurances.

Those who have a genetic disposition to getting cancer often purchase these policies. They’re typically available only to people who have not yet had a cancer diagnosis.

How Does Cancer Insurance Work?
Cancer insurance works in conjunction with your health insurance plan. It’s a supplemental policy that you typically pay for monthly. Many health insurances don’t cover all the costs of a cancer diagnosis, and that’s where cancer insurance comes in. You’d have cancer insurance for backup if your primary policy declined to pay for a certain cancer-related procedure.

Cancer insurance commonly covers:
. Tests, treatments, and procedures
. Visits to out-of-network specialists
. Lengthy hospital stays
. Co-pays and deductibles
. Child care
. Dietary assistance
. Travel and lodging for away-from-home treatment